Quail Point & Centennial Golf Club

Spring/Summer Junior Development Card
Now Available!
Play Quail Point Golf Course & Centennial Golf Club, Also Includes Range Tokens
ALL Winter, Spring, Or Summer
For Only $125
Winter Program Runs From September 1st - February 28th!
Spring & Summer Junior Development Card Available As Well March 1st - August 31st 

For More Information Email Robert Burkett at rburkett@quailpointgolf.com
Or Call The Quail Point Golf Shop
at (541) 857-7000





I, _______________________________________________________ understand that this card is non-transferable, non-refundable, and that I am entitled to receive the benefits associated with the card that I purchase.  I must present my identification card each time that I exercise my benefits at Quail Point Golf Course or Centennial Golf Club (known from this point as the club).  I agree to observe and adhere to all club policies including but not limited to: $125 price

(__) TERMS OF PROGRAM: The 2024 Quail Point / Centennial Junior Player Development card is effective from March 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024.  The 2024 Card program is not applicable with any other program or offer unless specified by the Club. This is a walking only Junior Card, players with this card are not entitled to a golf cart rental. This card is available to all players 17 years old and younger.

(__)  GREEN FEES: Players in this program can play at Centennial Golf Club – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and at  Quail Point Golf  Course - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  This program allows cardholder to play golf for no fees at twilight times only during the term of this program.  Twilight starting times will vary according to the seasons.  Any play during the regular play times does not apply to this card rate and are subject to the normal junior golf rates.    

(__)  TEE TIME RESERVATIONS:  “Cardholders”, when using your benefit, may make tee time reservations up to three days in advance.  Reservations are limited to 1 foursome per day requested.  You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to your reservation. All tee times are walking only, no golf cart rentals permitted with this card.

(__)  CANCELLATION POLICY:  NO SHOW and NON-CANCELLATION of a reservation within the 48 hour cancellation period may result in revocation of your card and its benefits.   

(__)  DRESS CODE:  Appropriate attire includes – MenCollared shirts and/or mocks with sleeves, mid length shorts, and pants.  Women:  Collared shirt, sleeveless blouse or mocks of conservative design, mid-length shorts, and pants.  Non-metal spiked shoes must be worn while on the course.  Clothing that is not appropriate includes:  t-shirts, swimming attire, gym shorts, halter tops, tank tops, cut-offs and other dress that is deemed inappropriate.  The Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is dressed inappropriately. 

(__)  CONDUCT AND PACE OF PLAY:  Players must complete a “Player Development Orientation” conducted by the golf shop staff before they use the card.  Conduct that is contrary to the rules and regulations of the club and spirit of the game of golf may result in revocation of your card and its benefits.  This includes but is not limited to slow play, unsportsmanlike conduct, not obeying the Club rules, verbally abusing guests and staff at the Club.   

(__)  PRACTICE FACILITY:  Your card entitles you to two bags of balls per day to be used at the practice facility.  Unused balls may not be taken from the course.  Practice ball are for the use of the cardholder only.  Any abuse or misuse of the practice balls may result in the termination of the card.